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Philosophy, Vision, Mission, and Goals

Laguna BelAir Science School believes in the responsibility of the educational system to play its role as an active agent in the formation of the youth, the transmission of human values, and the transformation of society.

It believes in the dignity of the human person and aims to provide academic, aesthetic, social, physical , emotional, ethical and spiritual formation to its students. It believes in an educational process that is learner-centered, participatory, creative, gender-sensitive, and developmentally appropriate. It teaches students the skills of critical thinking and life-long learning.

Affirming its belief in the role of the school as an agent of change in society, it desires to form students who are responsible, productive and socially engaged.

LBA Science School education recognizes its complementary role with the home and the community with which it collaborates to attain its ends.

As a Filipino school, it instills love for country and its culture, as it recognizes the rich diversity within the global community. It fosters respect for the dignity and worth of all peoples and teaches the value of solidarity in an economically and culturally diverse world where many continue to experience poverty and marginalization.

As an educational institution living at a time when the environment is highly threatened by global warming, LBA Science School takes on the responsibility of teaching students to live a simple and environment-friendly lifestyle, and to participate in collective efforts to sustain the health of the planet on which all life depends.

Finally, LBA Science School believes in an education that enables young people to bring about a better world and planet, for themselves and for the future generations.


LBA Science School is a community of stewards who pursue quality and relevant education with emphasis on science, math, and information technology.

The mission of LBA Science School is to provide students with personally satisfying experiences and opportunities that will develop young persons who:

1. have the ability to think critically and communicate effectively;
2. exhibit scientific literacy and mathematical proficiency;
3. have an appreciation for arts and culture;
4. show social responsibility, love for country, and care for the environment;
5. are able to establish and nurture meaningful relationships;
6. value their religious faith or beliefs; and
7. have the capacity to find purpose and meaning in life.

Its immediate goal is to provide tools of knowledge, skills, as well as attitudes and values that will teach students to live their young lives fully and responsibly while preparing them for higher learning. For the long term, LBA Science School seeks to contribute to the transformation of Philippine society through the formation of socially responsible leaders and professionals who excel in the fields of science, technology, and other disciplines


Laguna BelAir Science School is a community of stewards who work to make a better world possible and who live the following core values:

1. competence and creativity
2. personal and social responsibility
3. national pride and internationalism
4. democracy and human rights
5. care for the environment and simple lifestyle
6. faith and spirituality