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The Laguna BelAir township is not just a perfect place to raise the kids. It offers them the promise of a bright future at the Laguna BelAir Science School, a special school that's just a bike away from home.


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  • School Year: 2016-2017

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Baran, R.,

    Oruga, M.,

    Del Rosario, A.

    A Feasibility Study on Operating a Profitable Food Stall Selling Dynnamites, Cassava Egg Balls, Onion Rings, Pizza Rolls, and Cheesesticks at Laguna BelAir Science School

    Cruzada, D.,

    de Villa, G.,

    Marticio, J.

    A Feasibility Study on Operating a Profitable Food Stall Selling Dynnamites, Cassava Egg Balls, Onion Rings, Pizza Rolls, and Cheesesticks at Laguna BelAir Science School

    Favorito, A.,

    Dimero, S.,

    Venzon, K.

    A Feasibility study on operating a profitable food stall selling truffles at Laguna BelAir Science School

    Mendoza, L.,

    Quilala, C.,

    Nicolas, K.

    A Feasibility study on operating a profitable food stall selling siomai, stir-fried noodles, and gulaman at Laguna BelAir Science School

    Pascual, J.,

    Gavasan, l.,

    Vicencio, M.,

    Baral, S.

    A Feasibility study on operating a profitable food stall selling Rice Meals at Laguna BelAir Science School

    Tilla, A.,

    Garma, J.,

    Paz, C.

    A Feasibility study on operating a profitable food stall selling french fries at Laguna BelAir Science School

    Abinal, A.,

    Baral, V.,

    Custodio, C.

    Delos Santos, C.

    A Technical Feasibility Study of Cornstarch, Vinegar, and Glycerine as Components in Making a Biodegradable Bottle

    Alagar, P.,

    Guloy, Z.,

    Narbonita, S.

    Using Activated Charcoal as an absorbing agent for hydrogen sulfide

    Barral, J.,

    Carbonilla, J.,

    Principio, R.

    FBGT A Mentoring Program for Elderly People

    Bernaldez, J.

    A Framework for Parent-School Link System (PS-Link) A Parent-Teacher Portal

    Cabungcal, M.,

    Macaraeg, A.,

    Marquez, D.

    Nicotine Extracted from Cigarette Butts as a Rust Inhibitor for Iron Strips (CARI)

    Caro, P.,

    Nadres, F.,

    Sta. Maria, J.

    Reversed Biosand and Capillary Water Filter Device and Water Potability Analysis

    Catalan, G.,

    Ibarra, M.,

    Milanes, D.

    Testing the Angiogenic Potential of the Fruit Extract Eggplant (Solanum melongena) on the Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) of the Duck Embryos

    Dizon, J.,

    Pagaduan, J.,

    Paras, O.

    Testing the Effectiveness on Combining Coconut Oil and Guava Extract in Healing Wounds

    Espino, A.

    Villanueva, K.

    Fungicidal Ability of Limonine Extracted from Dalandan (Citrus aurantium) Peels Against Powdery Mildew (Sphaeroteca Fuligenea) in Okra (Abelmochus esculentus) Leaves

    Manaog, L.

    Figueras, M.

    The effects of cigarette wastes on the growth and insecticidal properties of Brassica rapa

    Mempin, G.,

    Mercado, G.,

    Espana, L.

    Utilization of Coconut Coir (Cocos nucifera) and Corn Cobs (Zeamays) as Potential Fertilizer for Mung Beans (Vigna radiata)

    Miras, C.,

    Zeta, D.,

    Abad, C.,

    Primavera, A.

    A Comparative Study Between the Use of Synthesized Fertilizer from Cow Manure and Bone Meal Against Industrially Manufactured Fertilizer on the Growth of Tomato (Solanum lypersicum)

    Llanza, J.

    Mempin, G.,

    Mercado, G.,

    Espana, L.

    Nabayo, E.

    Napolitano, D.

    Installation and Assessment of a Cold Air Circulation System for an Air-Conditioned Classroom

    Fungicidal Activity of Limonene Extracted from Dalandan (Citrus auratium) Fruit Peel Against Bread Mold

    Utilization of Coconut Coir (Cocos nucifera) and Corn Cobs (Zeamays) as Potential Fertilizer for Mung Beans (Vigna radiata)

  • School Year: 2014-2015

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Acuña, Allyza Mae A.,

    Celestial, Mia Allyson C.,

    Escober, Jeremiah Jared C.,

    Ocampo, Maria Victoria E.

    A Portable Passive Solar Water Heating System

    Bautista, Aaron Kyle P.,

    Llanera, Jilyn,

    Libradilla, David P.

    Compostable Waste Management Device

    Borromeon Arianne Grace A.,

    Cadacio, Francheska Nadine A.,

    Catalan, Lucille Sofia T.

    Used Tarpaulin and Untreated Saba (Musa balbisiana) Banana Midrib as Components of an Oil Spill Management System

    Carandang, Lance Daryll M.,

    Canicosa, Albert Joseph C.,

    Datinguinoo, Jan Louise

    A Comparative Analysis of the Antibacterial Potential of the Crude Extracts of False Daisy (Elyptica alba) and Suob Kabayo (Hyptis suaveolens) Leaves Against Salmonella typhimurium and Staphylococcus aureus

    Cruz, Lance Paolo D.,

    Medina, John Agustin U.,

    Dela Cruz, Lawrence Joshua R.

    The Automatic Circuit Disconnector (AUCIRDIS)

    Dalmacio, Joshua V., Tuason,

    Thomas Miguel G.,

    Catral, Juan Michaelo R.

    Saccharum Spontaneum (Kans Grass) as Component for Fiber Board

    Del Rosario, Veronica Ann G.,

    Baral, Mary Keithley P.

    Caballes, Anthony Hesed

    BCD Port Bin

    Dela Cruz, Ninna Rangimarie C.,

    De Jesus, Michael Joshua P.,

    Principio, Trevor David D.

    The TMN Noise-O-Meter

    Echano, Kaye Angelika N.,

    Guinto, Mina Althea D.,

    Antonio Nathan Thomas Sv.

    A Comparative Study Between Anti-Fog Solution Using Cigarette Fillings and Commercially-produced Anti-Fog Solution

    Enriquez, Karen S.,

    Crodua, Jerez Danielle F.,

    Adorna, John C., II

    Comparative Study Between Chemically And Non-Chemically Produced Handmade Papers from Banana (Musa Balbisiana) Stem Waste

    Flores, Cedric Miguel C.,

    Ramos, Psalmuel Nicanor S.,

    Reloj, Joaquin C.

    The Integration of Tubercle Technology to the Blades of an Electric Fan

    Gallardo, Erika Roele F.,

    Julaton, Dana Erika E.,

    San Lorenzo,  Zedrik Froylan P.

    Groundnut (Arachia hypogaea) Shell Briquettes as a Potential Fuel.

    Kim Sung Jin (Philip),

    Jang Si Hwan (Jake),

    Manalo,  Fernando Miguel I.

    Cadacio, Kenneth M.

    Alternative Fuel Blocks with Banana Peeling Ashes as Components

    Macalino, Geremiah D.,

    Milanes, Karl Shariff D.,

    Espina, Ianne Kyle L.

    A Comparative Study Between Commercial Grip Tapes and Handmade Grip Tapes Made out of Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Shell as an Alternative Grit

    Mengullo, Jules Marc A.,

    Perez, Giulio T.,

    Tan, Marcus Miguel H.

    Cornmeal As Cat Litter

    Montalbo, Ivan Claude T.,

    Junos, Ivan Russel I.,

    Avila, Marc Steven M.

    L.C.M. Umbrella E-Fan

    Moralde, Juan Pio Miguel S.,

    Galang, Lizette M.,

    Honasan, Danielle Annah L.,

    Ricablanca, Enrico Miguel M.

    Roasted and Dried Neem Seeds (Azatdirachta indica) as a Component in Water Filtration

    Ramil, Miguel Vicente Luis P.,

    Avila, Justin Mitchel R.,

    Lima, Sherwin John T.

    The JMS Water Saving Device: A Prototype

    Sanchez, Jona Maria Letriz C.,

    Castillo, Danielle T.,

    Wijesekara, Andrea Nicole D.

    Development of an Automated Program for the Evaluation of Classroom Instruction

    Tada, John Kelly D.,

    Lee Dong Hee (John),

    Bautista, Demric

    Recycled Cardboard and Sand with Handmade Paper as Heat Insulator

    Tugade, Charlene Raye C.,

    Magcamit, Hyannis D.,

    Tamisin, John Broan M.

    Lanzones (Lansium Domesticum) Peelings and Ipil-ipil (Leucaena leucocephala) Leaves as Morquito Coil

    Valenzuela, Jeric P.,

    Vergara, Ragner B.,

    Ortiz, Erika Raye C.

    Coconut (Cocos nucifera)Fiber as Feasible Material for Treating River Water

  • School Year: 2013-2014

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Ortega, Mary Andrea T.,

    Padilla, Michaela C.,

    Ursua, Jean Aris F.

    Arycanum Blinds used to block sunlight

    Mercado, Hazel Anne M.,

    Bautista, Kirk Dominick P.,

    Sanchez, Domiel C.

    The chairy mobile

    Lipat, Nicole J.,

    Reyes, Airam Aceemaj D.,

    Medina, Ibarra Glenn D.

    Handmade paper with rice hull (Oryza sativa) and coconut husk (Cocos nucifera) as a component.

    Gaya, Elyza Joy T.,

    Marqueses, Rolan Jerico T.,

    Zuñiga, Prince Adam Z.

    The effect of the Moisture and heat trapped by polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles on the groth of Brassica rapa chinensis (Pechay)

    Dulay, Amielle B.

    A West African Land Snail (Archacahtina marginata)Shaped vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) Prototype

    Delfin, Dannah Mae D.,

    Pons, Jefferson B.,

    Maramba, Khris Ryan B.

    A Filtering setup with Coconut Coirs and Activated Charcoal as Filter

    Camangon, Therese A.,

    Leysa, Joneil Ivan C.,

    Estioco, Steven Kim A.

    Cleaning Water systems using an algae scrubber with light

    Bullos, Danelle M.,

    Loyola, Kenn M.,

    Salaver, Jaime C.

    Pulverized glass used as a reinforcing agent in manufacturing concrete blocks.

    Batin, Sharina Mae S.,

    Elicanal, Jean Geabriel S.,

    Johansson, Maria Mikaela

    The Effect of incandescent light on the growth of young vigna radiata (Mung Bean) Plants.

    Zetaboards as Platform For a Student Bulletin Board System

    Abuel, Danielle D.,

    Leachon, Timothy Rafael D.,

    Parungao, Lawrence L.

    Alviar, Miguel Carlo S.,

    Sto. Domingo, Trisha D., Topacio,

    Xzann Garry Vincent M.

    The Ability of coconut (Cocos nucifera) coir to contain oil

    Kamias (Averrhoa bilimbi) Fruit Extract as Component of Metal Polish and Rust Remover Mixture

    Arteta, Rodger Louis F.,

    de Castro, Angelique G.,

    Muñoz, Ryuichi

    Amboy, Angelou G.,

    Cruz, Pauline G., Sy,

    Fayyanne Mich A.,

    Soo Kyung Park

    Shredded PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Bottles as an Abbitive in Making Hollow Blocks

    Aquino, Hector Mateo A.,

    Salvadora, Ramon Emmanuel N.,

    Tucay, Shawn L.

    Testing the Capacity of Laguna BelAir Science School Soil to Absorb Nickel (Ni)

    Bodaño, Aubrey Abigail P.,

    David, Dorese Herlinda S.,

    Kim Hye-mi

    The BKD Mosquito Trap with thw Mixture on yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and brown sugar (Sucrose) as an attractant

    Calagui, Rye JanhenryT.,

    Marifosque, Stefi Andrea A.,

    Veridiano, Chretien Alfonso

    A Prototype of a sewer guard

    Centeno, Lalyle Kaye V.,

    del Rosario, Pamela Mae G.,

    Gaviola, Jusoa Martin C.

    SW+IKE: “A Sweeper Bicycle”


    Dizon, Hazel Joyce S.,

    Gatapia, Joan Nathanielle S.,

    Barrios, Joaquin Diego Nathaniel

    A comparative study between a commercial handmade paper and handmade from wild sugarcane (Saccharum spontaneum L.) Pulp

    Dulce, Denzel Louis R.,

    Malicsi, Chukka T.,

    Siatela, Roselle R.

    Dry Mangifera Indica (Mango) Leaves as a Component in Handmade Paper

    Laureano, Jason Aries A.,

    Macaraeg, Trisa Monique S.,

    Moraleja, Kayle Nicole G.

    The Effect of Rice (Oryza sativa) Chaffs on the soundproofing capability of egg carton.

    Malicdem, Maria Julia Andrei T.,

    Mercado, Angelo Ryan T.,

    Valero, Gillian Yvonne I.

    Paper log as an alternative fuel

    Ngo, Jerico B.,

    Matociños, Hana Severina D.,

    Garcia, Gonzalo Ramon Jesus Abdul Aziz C.,

    Food grade styrofoam (extruded polysterene) as an alternative material for soundproofing

  • School Year: 2012-2013

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Bicos, Antonio M., Jr.

    Okada, Mary Anne M.

    Baylon, Matthew Dean I.

    Borromeo, Mitzie Rae E.

    Gatchalian, Esmeraldo T.

    Sebastian, Jerome Cedric C.

    Automated SEB Election Program

    The Acceptability of Glue from Fish Scales with Lemon Scent.

    Cabañas, Christian Jefferson H.

    Nepomuceno, Micah Louisse M.

    Perocho, Ybette

    “Azadirachta indica” (Neem Leaf) Extract as a Larvicidal For Mosquitoes.

    Calagui, Rex Johnryan T.

    Espiel, Justin Kyle F.

    Favorito, Armin Myca P.

    Velasco, Myrthelle John M.

    Automated Attendance Monitoring System for the OPD of High School Department.

    Cañedo, Ma. Abbygaile Joyce A.

    Arandela, John Kenneth B.

    Kang Myeaongjin (Bliz)

    The Effectiveness of “Piper nigrum” (Black Pepper) as Rust Stain Remover on Cloth.

    Consuelo, Coleen Danielle C.

    Perez, Marjori D.

    “Capsicum frutescens” (Siling labuyo) Extract as Homemade insecticide For Cockroaches.

    Custodio, Marjolaine Loven S.

    Quimpo, Clifford Jorel F., III

    Uriarte, Juan Carlos G.

    Portable Whiteboard with E3 (Easy Erase Eraser )

    Eracho, Ana Patricia M.

    Mailom, Mark Aloysius C.

    Arias, Kevin Carl M.

    The Effectiveness of Neem Leaf Extract (Azadirachta indica) and Garlic extract and Garlic Extract (Allium Sativum) in Dislodging Insect Pests from Papaya Leaves.

    Gatapia, Joanna Christina S.

    Gavasan, Christian C.

    Park Yeon Ah

    The Effects of Malunggay (Moringa oleifera) and Cheddar Cheese on the Growth of Mice

    Jimenez, Denise Marie G.

    Johansson, Thomas Michael D.

    Viaña, Charles D.

    Acacia (Samanea saman) Leaves Extract as a Component of a Rodenticide.

    Ko, Joo Neil B.

    Yamsuan, Gillyn Patricia H.

    Lijauco, Joshrick B.

    Utilization or Vermicompost on “Brasica rap” (Pechay) and its Effect  on Soil Properties

    Limbo, Joanne Auralee S.

    Lima, Sherlyn Mae T.

    Lee Dong Min (Matthew)

    Dried “Luffa acuntangula” (Patola) Fruit as Grew Water Filter.

    Maeda, Reiko V.

    Cabantog, Vanessa C.

    Perez, Jomari D.

    The Effectiveness of Kakawate (Gliricidia sepium) Extract  with Baking Soda As An Antibacterial Solution For Staphylococcus aureus

    Magalona, Frances Gail M.

    Mendoza, Sean Patrick S.

    Kyle, Wijesekara, Julien D.

    The Laguna BelAir School Computerized Archive of Abstracts Of Science Research Papers from S.Y. 2002 to 2011

    Cruz, Kyla Marie A., Galvez, Justin Miguel C., Abrazado, Rumer Jose B.

    Rose (Rosa app.) Petal extract as an Organic Writing Ink For Ballpens.

    Lozano, Lenard Cheng O.

    Santos, Michelle Anne S.

    Inas, Gino Carlo De Guzman

    Young and Mature Carica Papaya (Papaya) Leaves as Components in Making Rodenticide Pellets

    Malaki, Kristel Marie S.

    Restubog, Ralph S.

    Sembrano, Nathaniel S.

    Potency of Sanseviera trifasciata (Snake Plant) Fibers as a Raw Material For Making Ropes

    Marquez, Samuel C.

    Monasterial, Patricia Nicole L.

    Valero, Neil Patrick I.

    The Efficacy of Banana root (Musa paradisiaca) Juice as Coccidiostat in Quails.

    Mijares, Miki Nicole

    Cement Block Fabrication Using Asian Green Mussel (Perna viridis) Shells as Strengthening Agent

    Nierva, Heinrich Paul C.

    Leyson, Krizia Regine F.

    Reloj, Miguel C.

    Mud Crab “Scylla serrata” as a source of chitin used as an adhesive substance.

    Reamillo, Joelle Francine B.

    Esguerra, Christopher John R.

    Yonzon, Christian Edison

    Blue Crab Shell and Egg Shell As Making of an Organic Fertilizer for Tomatoes

    Redoble, Vanessa T.

    Duabe, Rodrigo Joseph P.

    Canilao, Jose Angelo P.

    Orange (Citrus reticulate) Oil as Fuel for Lamps.

    Rifareal, Ezekiel F.

    Sto. Domingo, Alyssa Nicole G.

    Rifareal, Zachary F.

    Ripe “Capsicum frutescens” (Cayenne Pepper) Extract as an Ant Repellent

    Tan, Josua Kyle J.

    Gallardo, Lian Ross F.

    Fermo, Beatrice Tatiana M.

    Virgin Coconut Oil and Banana Peel (Musa) as a Shoe Shine

  • School Year: 2011-2012

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Zeta, Eunice B.

    Guevarra, Earl Jerome Z.

    Sabasa, Henry James M.

    A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness Between Unripe and Ripe “Persea Americana” (Avocado) seed Extracts as Components of “Myrmica Rubra” (Red Ant) Chalk Insecticides

    Tamisin, Leinell Krisman M.

    Castro, de,  Rain Vincent I.

    Tabuso, Keith Marcus A.

    The Properties of Water Hyacinth-Filtered Detergent Water

    del Castillo, Lorenzo Emmanuel C.

    Gopez, Patrick Daniel T.

    Suarez, Krystabel Adriah R.

    The Feasibility of Gallus Domesticus (Chicken) Eggshells as a component in making Stucco

    Abonado, Paulleana B.

    Santos Jesamine A.

    Zaraspe, Hezekia Louie

    Aguilera, Angelica Beatix B.

    Acuña, Christine Bernadette A.

    Kong Byung Hoon (Eric)

    A Comparative Study on The Effectiveness Between “Spinacia Oleracia” (Spinach) and  “Solanum Lycopersicum” (Tomato) Extract for Extending the Shelf Life of Ripe “Mangifera Indica” (Mango)

    Alejandro, Patrick Carlo R.

    Gallardo, Yannah Karine F.

    Madlansacay, Hannah Louise S.

    The Effectiveness of Varnish with Aloe Vera “Aloe Barbadensis” Leaf Extract as an Alternative Resin Component

    Celestial, Patricia Bianca M.

    Aquino Raniel Joyce M.

    Nograles, Justin Riel D.C.

    A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness Between  “Allium Sativum” (Garlic) Extract and “Capsicum Annum” (Chili Pepper) extract as Subterranean Termite Killer

    The Effectiveness of “Morus Alba” (Mulberry) Fruit Extract as Main Component in Making Permanent Marker Ink

    Alcaraz, Joshua Allen A.

    Baldeo, Carl Kenneth D.

    A Comparative Study on the Properties of Gossypium Spp. (Cotton) and Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Coir as Oil-Absorbing Agents

    Amparo, Carl Michael Ryan C.

    Macareg, Allen Paolo M.

    Mejia, Andrey John A.

    Using Content Management System for Creating an Improved Website for Laguna Belair School

    Caumban, Patricia Elaine V.

    Briz, Nicole Angela P.

    Kim Ha Rim

    A Comparative Study on the Effects Between an Acidic Diet (“Citrus Microcarpa” Extract) and an Alkaline Diet (“Gycine Max” Extract) to the wight of “Rattus Norvegicus” (Albino Rat)

    Consuelo, Anthony John L.

    Planas, Scarlet Alexandra U.

    Pabalan, Jhanrik S.

    The Effectiveness of Different Filtration Devices in Improving the Properties of Used Vegetable Oil for Fuel

    Dolina, Nigel L.

    Javier, Kaithlyn E.

    Ambrosio, Conrado Alfonso G.

    The Properties of Sandpaper with “Canarium Ovatum” (Pili) Endocarp As the Abrasive Component

    Garcia, Hanna Faith M.

    Salita, Roxette R.

    Santiago, Gabriel Leonardo C.

    A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness Between (Petroselinum Crispum) Parsley Leaf Juice and Benzoyl Peroxide in Eliminating Pimple-Causing Staphylococcus Aureus

    Huelgas, Tyra N.

    Pila, Gabriel Paolo N.

    Leachon, Johanne Paulus D.

    A Comparative Study Between the Properties of Clay Slabs with Mussel “Perna Virdis” Shells and Pure Clay Slabs

    Inocencio, Lean Irene T.

    Majarais, Mickel Gian S.

    The Effectiveness of Unripe “Tamarindus Indica” (Tamarind) Juice as a Crayon Stain Remover on Vinyl Tiles

    Kudhal, Jho Nathan S.

    Pagaduan, Michael Josua P.

    Rivero, Rapahel T.

    Designing and Building a Prototype of a Mechanical Bag Carrier

    Primavera, Angela Jill N.

    Perez, Raphaelo T.

    Esguerra, Erick John

    The Acceptability of Bottle Gourd (Langenaria Siceraria) Seeds Against Gastrointestinal  Helminths in Domesticated Pigeons

    Lorenzo, Myckhael Alvin M.

    Bernardo, Kenneth Emmanuel S.P.

    Yutani, Kaito M.

    The Effectiveness of the Extract from the Different Plant Parts of “Ipomoea Batatas” (Kamote) Against Absillus Subtilis

    Maderazo, Sarah Mishael S.

    Ibarra, Erick Paulo M.

    Santiago, Laroche Markey M.

    The Acceptability of Annona Muricata Linnaeus (Guyabano) Leaf Extract as a Component in Pesticide Against Rhipicephalus San Guineus (Brown Dog Ticks)

    Malicdem, Maria Margareth Leanne T.

    Bodaño, Janiko Riel

    Glycosylated Hydroxytryptophan from from the foot of “Perna Viridis” (Asian Green Mussel) as an Additive in Preparing Sealants

    Mercado, Alexandria S.

    Ocampo, James Adrian P.

    Pucay, Juan Carlos I.

    A Comparative Study Between “Oryctolagus Cuniculus” (Domestic Rabbits) Fed with “Daucus Carota” (Carrots) and “Oryctolagus Cuniculus” (Domestic Rabbits) Fed With Commercialized Pellets

    Ortega, Mary Angela T.

    Carlos Migel A.

    Estioco, Earl Justin A.

    The Effectiveness of Unripe “Actinidia Deliciosa” (Kiwi Fruit) Extract in Removing Water Stains in Kitchen Sinks

    Ramos, Evan Geoffrey L.

    Cayetano, Jasmine C.

    Mateo, Kathrine Rose P.

    The Bacterial Growth in Chicken Droppings Treated with Different Concentrations of Guava (“Psidium Guavaja Linn.”) Fruit Extract

    Reyes, Ericka Louise R.

    Herrera, Janela M.

    Lee Sung Min (Mark)

    A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness Between Cinnamon Oil and Citronella oil in Killing Mosquito Larvae

    Sanchez, Celeen N.

    Juanzon, Jazmine, Bernadette R.

    Khan, Margaret Anne C.

    A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness Between the Commercial Pencil Eraser and the Artocarpus Altilis (Breadfruit) Latex Pencil eraser

    Wong, Mykah Ellaine S.

    Reyes, Renica Mariz G.

    Tan, Pauline Noelle H.

    The Acceptability of Okra “Abelmoschuc Esculentus” Wastepaper Coco Coir as Main Components in Making Handmade Paper

  • School Year: 2010-2011

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    De Guzman, Ed Lorence R.

    Magalona, Jann Mitchell M.

    Zamora, Edrik Jan A.

    Effectiveness of a foot powder with aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) as a main component, The

    Albano, Patricia Rose V.

    Duños, Jesa Marie Christianna A.

    Rivera, Joseph Lemuel T.

    Badayos, Shelley Ann D.

    Cabrera, Aaron Darren M.

    Effectiveness of an ointment with allium sativum extract as a pain reliever, The

    Borja, Justin Kyle I.

    Ramos, Nikka Elia Kim S.

    Alejo, Andre A.

    Component study on the effectiveness of carica papaya and capsicum annuum as a cockroach killer against Baygon, A

    Garcia, Ma. Lucelle Antoinette M.

    Malicsi, Cris Aldrin T.

    Malaki, Renee Anne S.

    Effectiveness of eye cream with coffee beans, coconut oil, and petroleum jelly as an active component, The

    Garlic (allium sativum) and pandan (pandanus amaryllifolius) as control agents for rice weevil (sitophilus oryzae)

    Bamba, Darian Dane L.

    Primavera, Jhonas N.

    Durability of concrete blocks with pineapple (ananas comosus) leaves as additive, The

    Cayetano, Jacklyn Rose C.

    Garaygay, Shawn Douglas S.

    Yu, Karl Michael O.

    Sweet potato starch as a component for making biodegradable plastic

    Flake, Pauleen C.

    Guico, Janina R.

    Cucumber (cucimus sativus) juice and watermelon (citrullus lanatius) juice as diuretics

    Itliong, Darel Royse C.

    Fernandez, Ramsey Jazmine Z.

    Lazaro, Aaron A.

    Bioassay of sansevieria trifasciata leaf extract

    Leyson, Rose Nicole F.

    Jimenez, Erwin Shanon G.

    Effectiveness of citrus sinensis (sweet orange) with virgin coconut oil as nail moisturizer

    Libao, Jonathan M.

    Arganda, Reginald B.

    Rivea, Camille Anne M. Rivera

    Effectiveness of lemon extract and pineapple extract in treating pimples

    Loreto, Jan Mara A.

    Marty, Jose Gabriel R.

    Mercado, Beatriz Averyl R.

    Effectiveness of lemon eucalyptus (cory citriodora) extract and bitter orange (citrus autantium) extract as mosquito larvae eradicators

    Nepomuceno, Erin Gabrielle M.

    Mempin, Louise Miguel S.

    Milo, Sarah Shimae M.

    Concentration of gliricidia sepium bark in rodentecide pellets

    Obligacion, Pamela Grace V.

    Sarreal, Juriel Adrian T.

    Mango (mangifera indica) seed kernel oil as moisturizing component for leg shaving cream

    Tan, Mark Oliver V.

    Coballes, Sedrick Allen

    Tapar, Christianne Victoria V.

    Acceptability of the gallus domesticus eggshell as an additive in making commercial clay pots

    Pangan, Mita Chabeli P.

    Pantig, Jarret Renzo N.

    Siatela, Russell R.

    Effectiveness of oregano extract as preservative for tomato, The

    Potestad, Junico Mariel B.

    Copiaco, Jo Rupert

    Punzalan, Louis Keanu E.

    Acceptability of cutting boards with durian peelings (durio zibethinus) as component

    Restubog, Russell S.

    Suarez, Keith Jerome R.

    Onate, Mark Rafael A.

    Acceptability of red onion (allium ascalonicum) skin extract as natural dye

    Tan, Alexa Mae H.

    Park, Rita

    Capistrano, Reena Marie A.

    A comparative study between moringa oleifera and cocos nucifera oils and cocos nucifera oils alone and hair serums

    Tan, Daniel Joseph C.

    Yambao, Felix Gabriel M.

    Tabuso, Keane Miguel A.

    Feasibility of the dried seeds of moringa oleifera as a viable source of ethanol

    Umpad, Lynette Joselle C.

    Pazcoguin, Jaycee C.

    Jun Eun Suk (Jack)

    Acceptability of a detergent bar with lima beans (phaseolus lunatus) as an active ingredient for removing rust stain on clothes, The

    Ursua, Ira Patrice F.

    Arias, Kristian M.

    Arango, Ralph Roland J.

    Acacia (samanea saman) bark extract as a pesticide against dampwood termites

    Zeng, Meng Yuan (Stephanie) Orca, Joseph John A.

    Al-Khaldai, Yousef A.

    Extending the shelf life and maintaining the quality of ripe papaya (carica papaya) with chitin-based solution

  • School Year: 2009-2010

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Constante, Alexcess Kim C.,

    Hizon, Reginald J.,

    Jang, James (Hyun Suk

    Acceptability of cardboard with banana (musa sapientum) leaf fiber as component, The

    Arrojado, Sarah Bianca D.,

    Justo, Katrina B.

    Borromeo, Rum Albert E.,

    Padilla, Joshua C.

    Effectiveness of jatropha curcas seed oil as an alternative muscle pain reliever

    Centeno, Llyannah Gaile V.,

    Rivera, Danica Isabelle M.,

    Ayende, Ace Genesis E.

    Acceptability of aloecym topical ointment for skin cuts of hamsters

    Duabe, Katherine Charmaine P.,

    Fojas, Mary Christine D.,

    Alviar, Nicole Isabel S.

    Effectiveness of moringa oleifera (malunggay) essential oil as ingredient for lip balm

    Manihot esculenta (cassava) starch as a component of biopolymer plastic film

    Casupang, Anna Karenina C.,

    Berdos, Kadmiel P.

    Feasibility of nephelium lappaceum (rambutan) as base for lady’s perfume, The

    Chan, Stephen Albert O.,

    Gopez, Jedd Michael T.

    Feasibility of azadirachta indica (neem) seed oil extract as component for making mosquito repellent detergent soap

    Deja, Janna Aika P.,

    Marquesses, Paula Kristina T.,

    Moralde, Samantha Therese S.

    Desiccated coconut chips as an alternative to homemade potato chips

    Dulay, Jaevie B.,

    Gonzalez, Patricia Therese B.

    Quality of imperata cylindrica (cogon grass) and citrofortunella microcarpa (calamansi) astringent as facial cleansing agent

    Garma, Justine Louie D.,

    Yamane, Joshua T.

    Zingiber offcinale (ginger) as main component in making transdermal patch

    Guerra, Ana Patricia C.,

    Ngo, Nicole Zarina B.,

    Lasco, Natzuko Daile

    Effectivity of pandanus odoratissimus essential oil extract as a major component of cockroach gel repellent

    Macalino, Gabrielle Nicolo D.,

    Viray, Joshua Ferdinand A.

    Effectiveness of psidium guajava (guava) as a mouthwash, The

    Marcelo, McKevin L.,

    Santoalla, Jan Vincent Y.,

    Algabre, Ezekiel U.

    Acceptability of hair styling wax with VCO (virgin coconut oil) component, The

    Ramil, Micaela Pauline Angelica P.,

    Tan, Wienna Dorothy A.

    Cucurbita maxima (squash) as an ingredient for moisturizing lotion

    Victoria, Jaxon Fredrick C.,

    Gonzales, Maryo Karlo D.,

    Gonzalez, Angelo Raymund L.

    Extent of the antiseptic properties of psidium guajava (guava) leaves in inhibiting regrowth of microorganisms on computer keyboards, The

    Reyes, Jon Lysander R.,

    Fernandez, Russelle Justine Z.,

    Benigno, Kristofer M.

    Feasibility of saccharum spontaneum (kans grass) as a source of ethanol, The

    Reyes, Reneeann Mitz Go,

    Lee Yun Kyung,

    Kim Myeong Seop

    Effectiveness of musa paradisiaca L. as a component for face powder with pimple control

    Rubio, Kristina Camille,

    Jabal, Angelica Grace G.,

    Hye Yoon Kim

    Acceptability of artocarpus heterophyllus (jackfruit) seed as a substitute for flour in making polvoron

    Sanchez, Clinton N.,

    Milo, David M.

    Effectiveness of cymbopogon citratus (lemongrass) extract as mouthwash, The

    Tajan, Fredrick Alexis A.,

    Pineda, Neal Allen R.,

    Muñoz, Lorrence Kyle T.

    The Effectiveness of the droppings of a non-vaccinated chicken compared to the droppings of a vaccinated chicken as fertilizer

    Villanueva, Meredith L.

    Albano, Katherine Rose V.,

    Sadeghi, Gholam Reza Haji

    Peanut (arachis hypogaea) shells as component for ceramic tiles

  • School Year: 2008-2009

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Cabral, Eduardo I.

    Daligdig, Jerold Alden M.

    Santos, Jherone Jaspher Q.

    Potential of malunggay (moringa oleifera) bark as filter and flocculant for treating laundry effluents, The.

    Arciaga, Nico Rafael B.

    Manabat, Rei Angelo V.

    Umpad, Neil Darwin

    Anore, Gino Angelo G.

    Triviño, Juan Carlo C.

    Delfin, Gian Carlo D.

    Effectiveness of gliricidia sepium leaf and stem extracts as pesticide for harpaphe haydeniana, The.

    Benig, Mealyn A., Khan, Pauline Anne C., Batin, Sharmane Ghwen S.

    Acceptability of pili (canarium ovatum) pulp as main ingredient of cake, The.

    Ceriola, Charmaine N.

    Saquing, Marlon B.

    Custodio, Marlon Daniel S.

    Citrus limonium as a natural hair clarifier.

    Portable anaerobic digester, A.

    Avecilla, Katrina Bianca B.

    Klopf, Patricia Margit M.

    Potential of musa acuminata puree as a cure for pimples, The.

    Brazil, Ma. Leo Anne E.

    Cabili, Kristine Joy I.

    Garcia, Marie Eunice Katherine P.

    Effectiveness of coffee and green tea as components of skin firming and smoothening lotion, The.

    Canon, Jamella L.

    Rivero, marionne T.

    Yao, Jomalyn C.

    Comparative study of shoe deodorizer made with citrus aurantium and charcoal with and without lavandula dentata leaves, A.

    Cruz, Karl Benedict A.

    Alviar, Mark Angelo S.

    Flavier, Marc Alexis L.

    Water purifying properties of wood charcoal and bamboo charcoal, The.

    Gatchalian, Janis Ruth T.

    Silao, Gabriel Angelo

    Castaño, Jean Marie

    Decorative paper from albermoschus esculentus (linn.) moench fibers with newspaper.

    Kim Min Ji (Lisa)

    Kim Tae Hoon (Smith)

    Ortiz, John Arvin P.

    Potential of averrhoa bilimbi (kamias) as a component of soap in removing stains on fabrics, The.

    Kim Yu Na (Annie)

    Lee Sang Eun (Stephanie)

    Limbo, John Arvie S.

    Fats of clarias macrocephalus as an alternative source of fuel, The.

    Logatoc, Ma. Annabelle M.

    Cabrera, Aaron Christian M.

    Guerra, Ramon Lorenzo C.

    Feasibility of bamboo charcoal ash as a component of blackboard writing medium, The.

    Ng, Mikhail Adrianne M.

    Cruz Christian Kevin G.

    Utilization of cow manure in combination with rice hull and coconut residuum for fuelwood.

    Ontoy, Mark Joseph F.

    Baldemor, Francis Miguel C.

    Santillan, Don Antonio Marcelo T.

    Acceptability of the lemon grass scented air freshener.

  • School Year: 2007-2008

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Bicos, Antonio Raphael M.

    Del Rosario, Maria Carla A.

    Perez, Angelica O.

    Effectiveness of ocimum basilicum leaves oil and citrofortunella microcarpa peel oil as an organic insecticide.

    Alejandro, Gail Marie S.

    Custodio, Marianne Joyce S.

    De Leon, Marie Anjelica B.

    Ambrosio, Abbigail Colleen G.

    Favorito, Armin Dyan P.

    Jimenea, Pauline Trisha B.

    Effectiveness of tomato as a skin whitener.

    Bautista, Kevin Wilson E.

    Pazcoguin, Karmina Via

    Cabrera, Danilo C. Jr.

    Effectiveness of potato soap as rust remover on clothes.

    Carandang, Kent Renier M.

    Potential of Palsahingin (Canarium asperum) Tree Sap as a Biofuel Feedstock

    Possible ways of preserving muntingia calabura, The.

    Algabre, Loise Anne U.

    Mercado, Alan Marco S.

    Salcedo, Toni-Ann Mae C

    Effectiveness of citrus sinensis peels extract and origanum vulgare leaves extract as a blatta orientalis repellent.

    Benedictos, Daniel G.

    Fernandez, Mico Leonard A.

    Magalona, Nikko Valentino M.

    Effectiveness of homemade glass cleaner with anti-fogging agent, The.

    Cabrera, Lester Jason T.

    Carrasco, Ma. Corrine R.

    Potential of coir fibers as a  material for agro shade net.

    Embate, Maria Bianca Diane P.

    Garcia, Cara Louise B.

    Margate, Patricia B.

    Effectiveness of Fragaria Ananassa Soap As A Skin Whitener.

    Juan, Athalia Charein P.

    Descalzo, Dianne Joy M.

    Guinto, Justine Rae M.

    Psidium guajava L. fruit juice battery as an alternative source of energy.

    Hizon, Rudolph Russell D.

    Dy, Karl Khristopher G.

    Kim Paul Young Il

    Urine as an alternative fertilizer for rose production.

    Orbeta, Claudia Marie P.

    Garcia, Consuelo Julia B.

    Boliche, Marushia Kei T.

    Magnesium euxanthate from mango extract as nail polish colorant.

    Pelea, Joanna Marie P.

    Marifosque, Lourdes Anna A.

    Acceptability of pineapple ketchup compared with the commercialized tomato ketchup and banana ketchup, The.

    Ponce, Julian Alfonso R.

    Galza, Garwyn A.

    Viability of a psidium gajava-enriched skin moisturizer.

    Rivero, Miguel T.

    Panganibal Jaimie U.

    Fojas, Cecil Apolinar D.

    Viability of green tea as a rust-proofing agent, The.

    Rubio, Jasmin Marie B.

    Salaver, Nizzel C.

    Gomez, Mhericon O.

    Acceptability of tissue paper with ananas comosus leaf fibers as component, The.

    Tejada, Raymond Joseph A.

    Cayetano, Richard Joe C.

    Hizon, Remil J.

    Viability of plumeria acuminata latex as a component for making latex sealant.

    Tolentino, Francesca D.

    Reloj, Bianca Marie C.

    Comparative study on the effectiveness of a commercialized hot oil, conditioner, and coconut oil on different types of hair.

  • School Year: 2006-2007

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Deterala, Daryl Don Jerome E.

    Khan, Ryan Jordan C.

    Vigna radiata as an alternative nutrient supplement for the rooting medium of an embryo cultured vandal sanderiana.

    Acuna, Aaron Mari Gerard M.

    Law, Grace Anne P.

    Alejandro, Gianne Muriel S.

    Mendoza, Sarah Patricia R.

    Effects of eggshell in making recycled papers, The.

    Cruz, Ellibert John Paul G.

    Comparative study on the effectiveness of syzygium malaccense and Listerine mouthwash, A.

    Fernandez, Riel Isaac M.

    Juan, Aquila Gamaliel P.

    Effects of temperature on the toxicity of lambdacyhalothrin against the pests of lycopersicon esculentum.

    Effectiveness of homemade hair gel with banana fruit extract.

    Cabrera, Aaron Bryan M.

    Maramba, Katherine B.

    Moringa olifera lamk ointment as an alternative for curing wounds.

    Del Rosario, Maria Martha A.

    Siochi, Kaye P.

    Effective process of extracting essential oil from psidium guajava leaves against bacillus subtilis, The.

    Ereno, Ronald P.

    Jimenez, Miriam Sigrid G.

    Potencial theobroma cacao powder as a base ingredient in moisturizing salves.

    Gonzales, Alvin O.

    Babao, Noel Angelo D. J.

    Effect of hydrogen peroxide on the growth of zingiber officinale (ginger) root cuttings and vigna radiate (mungbean) seed germination, The.

    Guinto, Lance Aldrin M.

    Salita, Racel R.

    Utilization of limonene from citro fortunella mitis as polystyrene solvent.

    Jimenea, Kristine Monica B.

    De Guzman, Stephanie

    Viability of sand, gravel, pebbles and charcoal in treating rainwater for bathing purposes at the household level.

    Limpin, Zyrille Angela M.

    Rocafort, Joyce Anne A.

    Determining acquired genetic traits using computer graphics software.

    Malubay, Mary Joyce V.

    Orbeta, Mari Kris R.

    Determination of the amount of aluminum chlorohydrate present in local brands of deodorant.

    Pangan, Luis Alfonso P.

    Hizon, Rudolph Ryan S.

    Musa acuminate (banana) fiber as an alternative for ananas comosus (pina) cloth.

    Pena, Janina Cecilia P.

    Viray, Kevin John A.

    Motivational science-based computer game for intermediate students, A.

    Ramirez, Richard Lemuel I.

    Galza, Gerard Rhoel A.

    Exploring the capability of averrkoa bilimbi (kamias) extract in removing fruit stains.

    Reyes, Aldrin G.

    Valenzuela, Deana M.

    Study on the effect of heat in the storage of allium cepa, A.

    Reyes, Sophia Isabelle R.

    Sta. Maria, Faye S.

    Technical viability of zea maize (corn) husk and sawdust as components for making paperboard.

    Siatela, Rosanne R.

    Perpetua, Gem Nicole A.

    Acceptability of eucalyptus-based mouthwash, The.

  • School Year: 2005-2006

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Eslao, Sarah Dominique B.

    Barairo, Raymond Jerome M.

    Effects of Vitamin B, C, E on the height of tomato plants.

    Bravo, John Kim Emmanuel C.

    Mejia, Marie Rose Isabelle

    Caleon, Camille U.

    Valiente, Katrina S.

    Comparative study on the effectiveness of home-made orange lotion and commercially-made whitening lotion, A.

    Dayog, John Edward Lee E.

    De Castro, Martin Robert B.

    Evaluating the performance of two types of prototype rockets.

    Hosagai, Eri

    Topacio, Venice Patrisha Marie

    Effectiveness of grapefruit seed and rind extract as cleansing agent, The.

    Effectiveness of liquid soap containing coleous aromaticus, The.

    Cuevas, Katrina D.

    Crisostomo, Jean Clarisse B.

    Acceptability of oregano candy, The.

    De Leon, Joseph Jerome S.

    Babao, Xyla Noelle D. J.

    Three-dimensional audio-visual presentation of molecular geometry, A.

    Garcia, Ma. Philirissa U.

    Hizon, Rochelle Aimmie S.

    Developing an enhanced alarm system.

    Macalino, Gliezl D.

    Lozano, Samantha C.O.

    Prototype of a portable water turbine made from recycled materials, A.

    Reyes, Regine Melanie Go

    De Castro, Ma. Ana Francesca

    Effectiveness of garlic extract as fruit fly repellant.

    Sanchez, Joel M. Jr.

    Dela Cruz, Ramon G. Jr.

    Used cooking oil as ingredient for candle making.

    Serrano, John Anthony D.

    Pena, Juan Carlos P.

    Stomatal index of brassica integrifolia in the areas of Santa Rosa, Laguna and Manila, The.

    Tugade, Charles Edward Joseph C.

    Benig, Daniellene Grace A.

    Recycling low density polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate plastics through melting and molding.

    Viguilla, Cedric

    De Leon, Jon Louis

    Developing a math tutorial program for Grade Five and Grade Six students in Laguna BelAir School.

    Adajar, Cara Louise L.

    Ravida, Joyce V.

    Decorative handmade paper with garlic scape and rice husk components.

  • School Year: 2004-2005

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Ong, Amcel Kennetth G.

    Roxas, Rafael Conrado J.

    Marketability of pomelo-flavored muffins.

    Ahorro, Justin

    Esguerra, Karra

    Dy, Roger Allen J

    Lajara, Dominique S.

    Acidified raw egg as an alternative facial cleanser.

    Vergara, Mikka Ides L.

    Avecilla, Melizza Natasha Krista B.

    Effects of carbonated water on the growth properties of cosmos sulpherus plants, The.

    Comparative study on the effectiveness of natural and manufactured insecticides, A.

    Alejandro, Gierod

    Paraiso, Denice

    Blood leaf extract as organic ink.

    Brojan, Jaydy G.

    Daligdig, Anya Jael M.

    Dy, Dina Gianelli G.

    Exploring the potentials of jackfruit seeds as bread spread.

    Eslao, Paul

    Valenzuela, Julius

    Observing the aerodynamics of two different model contours through a wind tunnel.

    Rubio, Jovet Jayson B.

    Valenzuela, Jayson P.

    Oregano crude extract as disinfectant.

  • School Year: 2003-2004

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Menorca, Glean

    Lozano, Earvin

    Effectiveness of alum solution on prolonging the vase life of daisies.

    Abasolo, Regis Ediljoseph

    Gonzales, Isiah Julius

    Oane, Jan Christian

    Effect of iron in the chlorophyll in plants.

    Lajara, Saturnino Jr.

    Tan, Harold

    Comparative study in preventing browning.

    Obmaces, Jan Ram

    Cocjin, Camille Ericka

    Effectiveness of kakawate leaves as a substitute colorant for marker inks.

    Water repelling properties of bauhinia pupurea (butterfly tree).

    Guico, Joney Ann

    Calingo, Juan Carlo

    Comparative study about the percent oil present in wet and dry jackfruit seeds.

    Macaibay, Jed

    Rocafort, Mark Anthony

    Comparative study on the growth of plants subjected to microwave radiations and those which are not.

    Montenegro, Leo Jericho

    Valenzuela, Jonaleen

    Comparative study on the effective method in preventing the growth of wrigglers.

    Ongpauco, Dexter John

    Banton, Peter Jedidiah

    Comparative study on the effect of chewing gums on the pH level of saliva.

    Salazar, Robin

    Developing a prototype vacuum pump.

    Santos, Lia Joy

    Lorica, Joanna Loraine

    Effectiveness of papaya latex or garlic extract in the prevention of post-harvest diseases of lakatan banana.

    Tan, Henry

    Bicos, Miguel Antonio

    Feasibility study on making powdered tomato juice.

    Villanueva, Frances Colleen

    Comparative study on the palatability of sunflower butter and peanut butter.

  • School Year: 2002-2003

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Go, Kristal Kirby

    Tejada, Monica Belle

    Effects of supplying different temperatures of water on the height of the plant citrus mitis blanco.

    Bautista, Kristianne Marie

    De Leon, Alvin Gerald

    Castillo, Camille

    Gonzales, Katrina

    Comparative study of the presence of flavonoids in santan and gumamela leaves.

    De Leon, Joseph Paulo

    Tolentino, Angelika

    Comparative study on the amount of brominated vegetable oils present in manufactured fruit juices.

    Ofiana, Yasmin

    Tejada, Maria Melissa

    Mechanical device for heating water.

    Comparative study on the amount of sodium benzoate present in selected brands of catsup.

    Danganan, Gari

    Tan, Clifford

    Tirones, Ralph Dennis

    Comparative study on the effectiveness of natural (basil, eucalyptus, and sunflower) and manufactured (Off Lotion) mosquito repellants.

    De Leon, Julie Anne

    Padua, Leoneliza

    Effects of isolation on the growth of chicken.

    Lim, Paulo Martin

    Sabado, Annabelle Karen

    Comparative study on the monosodium glutamate content of selected corn chip products.

    Pazcoguin, Noel

    Riva, Patrick

    Effect of the color of light to the growth of mongo plant.

    Roca, Harvey

    Lagunday, Boromeo

    Effects of different types of music to plants.

    Villaroza, Kristina

    Quirante, Elaine Ida

    Comparative study on the effectivity of banana extract as mosquito repellant.

  • School Year: 2001-2002

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Hao, Michael

    Possible alcohol in santol leaves.

    Adajar, Andrea Claire

    Babao, Zinnser Angelo

    Comparing and determining the effects of seven carbaryl and brodan pesticide on mongo plants.

    De Leon, Joseph Andrew

    Producing ink refills for ballpens using used car oil.

    Rivero, Michael Alvin

    Determination of alcohol content in alcoholic beverages.

    Psychological effects of color on taste.

    Corpus, Kristine

    PH level and synthetic glycerin content of the selected local commercial bath soaps (Palmolive, Zest, and Tender Care glycerin).

    Descartin, Norman

    Purity of drinking water in five selected barangays in Sta. Rosa, Laguna (Brgy. Sto. Domingo, Brgy. Don Jose, Brgy. Pulong Sta. Cruz, Brgy. Balibago, Brgy. Macabling).

    Lorica, Jan Vincent

    Test the presence of urea in ground or drinking water.

    Sandoval, Ma. Valerie Ann

    Comparative study on the nicotine content in local and imported cigarettes.

    Valiente, Erika Anne

    Determining the lead (Pb) content of soil in selected parts of Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

  • School Year: 2017-2018

    Name of Students

    Title of Research Paper

    Abuel, Aaron Cedrick I.,

    Panganibal, Shanelle, &

    Tan, Francis Josh V.

    Green Apple (Malus domestica) as an alternative starch component in bio plastics

    Aguila, Isabella L., Agustin,

    Lalaine Veneth B.,

    Binondo, Hannah Isabel D., &

    Marqueses, Diane Paulyn T.

    Organic Wastes As Soilless Medium For Lettuce And Okra In An Indoor Setting

    The Assessment Of Copper, Iron, And Zinc In Santa Rosa River In January 19, 2018

    Alban, Jed Eiron L.,

    Abinal, Adrielle Justine C., &

    Sy, Katherine Anne A.

    Calpatura,Daryll Ivan O.,

    Datinguinoo, Leanne Janelle C.,

    Mendoza, Ann Shermaine M.,

    Ramos, Mari Ricci Louise V.

    The Effectiveness of the Innovative Classroom Whiteboard on the Learning Experience of the Grade 10 Archimedes Students

    Cadacio, Keisha Rae P.,

    Coronel, Jed Andro P.,

    Esperat, Lea Jeane T., &

    Ramil, Matthew Gabriel Angelo P.

    Carschooling: Virtual Application for the Promotion of Carpooling

    Carpio, Miguel Dominique,

    Correa, Timothy,

    Etpison, Megan, &

    Santiago, Lalaine Martle

    Pre-treated Water Hyacinth Stems (Eichhornia crassipes) as an Alternative materials to Absorbent Oil Booms

    Centeno, Jorl Kayne Jon V.,

    Marquez, Justine Dale Y., &

    Sta. Maria, Julia Ysabelle

    Hydrokinetic Turbine: A Prototype

    Condemillicor, Mikaela Louise R.,

    Espiel, Jericho F., &

    Vasquez, Jonas Gabriel T.

    Prototyping of Presence -Activated Lights for the Classroom Using Adruino Uno as a Microcontroller

    Dela Cruz, Mark Jared C.,

    Donasco, Jomer John L., &

    Redoble, Vianca Joy T.

    The Crystalline Index and Physical Structure of Pretreated Cellulose Fibers from Sugarcane Bagasse

    Delmendo, Ma. Denyce Joy R.,

    Roble, Kirsten Janae S., &

    Tan, Annjela Trish D.

    Nightlight Powered by Moist Soil

    Espela, Ysabelle Beatrice L.,

    Ricarte, Patrick Paul M.,

    Yu, Bianca Mei

    The Properties of Shell Charcoal with Biochar as Fuel

    Gaviola, Joshua Philippe A.,

    Malicdem, Matthew Allen T.,

    Poliquit, Paul Christian A., &

    Quiambao, Keihla Raven A.

    The Effectiveness of Soduim Polyacrylate and Unsweetened Tea as Sandy Soil Additives to Promote Plant Growth

    Matociños, Boris Andrei D.,

    Nograles, Kaeran Roi D.,

    Sevilla, Olive Louise C., &

    Vicencio, Helen Alyssa S.

    Manila Clam Shell (Venerupia philippinarum) as a Filter to Reduce CO2 Emmissions from Motorcycle Exhaust

    Casas, Joie Catherine C.,

    Enriquez, Johnrel S.,

    Manalo, Lanze Jarren M., &

    Suzuki, John Toshi A.

    Bombs n' Cakes

    Era, Ellyse Lance O.,

    Dela Cruz, Kyla Anne V.,

    Marticio, Francis R., &

    Imphang Maria Yssabel G.


    Magcamit, Anaheim D.,

    Pioquinto, Jan Michael B., &

    Carandang, Erica Anne Melanie C.

    Nash Potatoes

    Villaicencio, Janis M.,

    Buenaseda, John Luc I., &

    Hilario, Suzie G.


    Matociños, Kaili Sofia D.,

    Montalbo, Mark Aldrich T.,

    Chua, Katrina Sophia,

    Jabal, Victoria Faith

    Mix n' Dip

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