We are celebrating 20 years of BelAirian Science education and stewardship.


We are highlighting the many achievements and successes our school has proudly gained while learning from the pitfalls and potholes along the way. We have grown from a tiny school of 54 students and 12 employees to a full-blown basic education institution with 830 students and a 91-strong workforce. From a single-building campus, we are now a sprawling campus with infrastructure able to house all the academic and service units required of a basic education institution.


We have earned the reputation of providing quality education that focuses on Science for everyday life.


We have strived for relevance by coming up with meaningful annual themes that underscore compelling issues of the day, and by pursuing programs that tackle concerns such as human rights and climate change.


Behind all these efforts is the belief that it is our responsibility – our stewardly role – as a school to contribute to youth formation and nation-building, and to ensure that everything we do will be in the best interest of our students.


As we look back and reminisce twenty years of BelAirian history, let us look forward with hope to  the many possibilities that tomorrow brings. Twenty years makes a generation, and for that generation, history has already been written. We eagerly look forward to the next twenty years of BelAirian Science education and stewardship.







Ms. Mercedes C. Danenberg


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