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LBASS admits students of any race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin and accords to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the aforesaid bases in the administration of its policies on education, admissions, and employment.

Admission is open to all students who meet all the academic requirements and has none of the disqualifications prescribed by the school and by the Department of Education.

The school reserves the right to make the final decision in all cases after thorough study and deliberation. The right is reserved to refuse admission to any applicant who does not meet the admission requirements. The right is also reserved to determine the placement of an accepted applicant in the grade level or subjects deemed most appropriate for the student’s success.

An enrolled student assessed to have special needs must be transferred to a school that can address those needs. This is in line with the school’s “best interest of the child” policy.

Levels for Admission and Requirements


1. Preschool


   a. Pre-Kinder: The applicant must be 4 years old by June of the incoming school year and must pass the admission test for the level.


   b. Kinder        : The applicant must be 5 years old by June of the incoming school year and must pass the admission test in communication skills,

                               writing, reading comprehension, and  mathematical ability.


2. Grade School, Junior High School and Senior High School


The applicant’s academic background must show ability and readiness to take on academic challenges. He/She must satisfy the academic  requirements prescribed by the Department of Education or by the school if he/she is a foreigner.


 Admission is based on the submission of valid requirements to the Registrar’s Office and on the results of the admission test administered by   the Guidance Associate. An applicant will be admitted only to the next higher level or to the equivalent level for a foreigner based on the guidelines of the Department of Education.


The Admissions Committee evaluates an applicant for admission in reference to his/her:


• entrance test results


• academic records from the current or most recent school


• recommendation from the current or most recent school


• certificate of good moral character



Entrance Test


Entrance tests and interviews are scheduled by batch per level throughout the year. Entrance tests are scheduled only when the complete application requirements have been submitted.


Those who did not pass the entrance tests may pull their submitted requirements out and re-apply the following school year. They are required to submit new academic records and confidential recommendation forms and to pay the application fee again.

Admission Procedure


 1. Secure an application form from the Registrar’s Office with the following requirements:


     a. original copy and one photocopy of birth certificate with register number


     b. photocopy of report card with Learner's Reference Number (LRN)


     c. two 2”x 2” colored ID pictures


     d. original copy of passport (for non-Filipino applicants)



2. Fill out the form completely and accurately and present it to the Registrar’s Office for verification.


3. Pay the application fee to the Cashier. The fee is non-refundable.


4. Present the official receipt of the payment to the Registrar’s Office and secure an examination permit.


5. Come back for the admission test on the schedule specified in the examination permit. The test will only be administered on the specified schedule.


The test results, which should be followed up personally, will be released a week after.


6. Once qualified, either on probationary academic or behavioral condition, secure an enrolment permit from the Registrar’s Office.


7. Get a copy of an enrolment information sheet from the Registrar’s Office.


Enrollment Procedure


1. Enroll on the scheduled enrollment date with the following:

a. enrollment permit

b. original copy of report card

c. DepEd verified Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)*

d. study permit from the DepEd (for non-immigrant aliens)*

          *submit if applicable

2. Submit complete requirements and secure enrollment form from the Registrar’s Office.

3. Fill out the enrollment form completely and accurately and present it to the Registrar’s Office for verification.

4. Proceed to the Accounting Office for the assessment and payment of fees. Payment in post dated checks is not accommodated.

5. Secure a student’s admission card that will be given to the adviser on the first day of school.

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