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Academic Programs
Academic Program

In pursuit of the school’s philosophy and goals, LBASS has developed an academic program that prepares them for life and teaches them to become stewards for a better world. Moreover, with the DepEd permit to operate as a Science High School, a rigorous but practical curriculum in Science and Math awaits the students.

General Objectives

LBASS will assist students to:

a. grow and develop holistically as happy, healthy, and creative young persons formed within a nurturing and supportive school community;
b. acquire basic competencies with emphasis on science and math, develop the attitudes and values they need in living their young lives fully, and grow to become productive members of society;
c. take pride in being Filipino, develop and preserve Filipino values and traditions, and contribute to the development of a society that is progressive and equitable;
d. grow in the awareness of the world around them, be enriched by the diversity therein, and help build human solidarity in the face of unjust systems and structures;
e. develop enabling relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and a spirit of equity and inclusion;
f. become gender-sensitive and grow into an awareness of the shared responsibility of women and men in the home and in society; and
g. find purpose and meaning in their young lives, exercise their faith or beliefs, and live a life that is simple and earth-friendly.

Grading System

The academic year for preschool, elementary, and junior high school is divided into trimesters; while that for senior high school is divided into semesters. Grades are released at the end of each grading period.

Special Science Curriculum

LBASS is a complete basic education school with a special science high school curriculum. With the DepEd permit to operate as a Science High School, LBASS is implementing the special mathematics and science curriculum which adds to the academic edge of its students over their counterparts in the region. The school follows the Philippine Science High School Curriculum. The usual core subjects like English, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health), TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education), and Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao are taught along with additional subjects in the fields of Mathematics, Science Research, and Statistics. Elementary students are also given a special training in mathematics, science, and computer in preparation for high school.

The junior high school students are introduced to the various branches of science and mathematics. The Grade 7 students take Natural Science 7, Environmental Science, General Math 7, and Practical Math. The Grade 8 students take Natural Science 8, Biology, General Math 8, and Statistics. The Grade 9 students take Natural Science 9, Classical Physics, General Math 9, and Plane Trigonometry. The Grade 10 students study Natural Science 10, Advanced Chemistry, Introduction to Science Research, and General Math 10.

The senior high school students take the curriculum for the Academic Track, which includes the core curriculum subjects, the contextualized subjects, and the specialized subjects for the corresponding Academic Strands of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) or ABM (Accountancy, Business, and Management). LBASS localizes its contextualized and specialized subjects to promote its concept of practical science for everyday life, which trains its students to think scientifically and logically. LBASS highlights and makes its “Green STEM, Green Business, Golden Opportunities” motto the anchor of the learning areas.