Laguna BelAir School was born on February 13, 1996, the day it was registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a special private school focusing on science, mathematics and technology. Classes began on June 9, 1997 in a modern two-story building inside the exclusive Laguna BelAir Subdivision. Empire East Landholdings Inc., a real estate developer providing housing for all income levels, built both the school and the residential houses in the community.

The Department of Education (DepEd) gave Laguna BelAir School the permit to operate as a Science High School effective school year 1999-2000. The permit, given on July 1999, is a special category given by DepEd to secondary schools offering an intensive mathematics and science curriculum.

The Amended By-Laws of the school, reflecting its new name as Laguna BelAir Science School, was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on August 30, 2013.


The Laguna BelAir School is a private educational institution for the children of village residents and non-residents. It is situated near the Santa Rosa exit, near the National Highway and a few minutes away from the South Expressway. This offers its clientele from the nearby areas of Biñan, San Pedro, Calamba, Cavite, and Tagaytay access to a quality school.

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LBASS offers a science and math curriculum that will sufficiently prepare students for higher learning and equip them to deal with everyday experiences using a scientific mind.


While its utmost priority is academic excellence, the school realizes that it has a responsibility to facilitate the development of well-rounded students. Thus, it encourages them to engage in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that can further enhance their talents and satisfy their interests.

Co-curricular activities are academic-related activities; hence, students are required to participate in them. Involvement in community-related works/projects and educational field trips are avenues to show social responsibility and to enrich awareness of the world around them.

Extra-curricular activities are activities that are not related to the schools’ academic program, but are important to the development of the students’ interests, talents, leadership, and other special abilities, aside from providing healthy outlets for their creative energies. Hence, school clubs are formed to help achieve these goals.

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The school emblem consists of: a CROWN symbolizing accomplishment; an ETERNAL FLAME for limitless education; a LAUREL signifying dignity; a BOOK which stands for knowledge ; and a TREE for unlimited growth.

Consistent with the school’s mission, the emblem signifies three important things about the LBA Science School. First, that it is committed to enrich the students with knowledge and the desire for its continued pursuit. Second, that the school aims to inculcate good values for a dignified living. Third, that it continuously motivates students to accomplish and excel for the good of others.