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We are celebrating our 20th Foundation Anniversary with the theme, “Emerald Visions 20/20: Celebrating Twenty Years of BelAirian Science Education and Stewardship.”

Words of Inspiration:

Emeralds are fascinating gemstones. They have the most beautiful, most intense, and most radiant green that can possibly be imagined: emerald green. In top quality, fine emeralds are even more valuable than diamonds.


The magnificent green of the emerald is a color which conveys harmony, love of nature, and elemental joie de vivre. The human eye can never see enough of this unique color. Pliny (a Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher) commented that green could gladden the eye without tiring it. Green is perceived as fresh and vivid, never as monotonous. Emerald green always changes somewhat between the bright light of the day and the artificial light of a lamp, yet it retains its lively vigor in all its nuances.


At twenty years old, LBASS is no longer a greenhorn (novice, beginner) institution, but a gem of an institution, just like the emerald. Having passed its teen years, LBASS is now an adult, a mature institution geared up to face the challenges of the 21st century, nurturing steward-students who are socially responsible and globally competent.


Objectives of the Celebration:

1. commemorate the history of LBASS, from its humble beginnings to what it is today

2. highlight stewardship and the LBASS core values and mission statement

3. highlight the LBASS successes and achievements

4. recognize employees who have provided loyal and dedicated service to LBASS

5. recognize LBASS alumni who have excelled in their chosen field, contributed significantly

    to their community and to Philippine society, or have continuously manifested the LBASS values

    and teachings in their life and work

6. recognize LBASS community and business partners who have contributed significantly

    to the development of the academic and extension service programs

7. promote LBASS to the bigger community

8. provide entertaining, engaging, and enjoyable activities for the whole community

9. unite the LBASS Community in spirit and in action



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