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    In SY 2016 – 2017, we celebrated LBASS’ Emerald (20th) school year. It was an opportunity for us to commemorate twenty years of BelAirian Science education and stewardship. During the year-long celebration, the BelAirian community was engaged in a lot of activities that highlighted the school’s mission, its achievements in the fields of academics, performance arts, and sports, and its contributions to making a better world possible through its different advocacies. The highlight of the school year was the graduation of the first batch of Senior High School students. As the first to offer Senior High School in the City of Santa Rosa, LBASS takes pride in its 59 STEM and ABM graduates who now belong to a distinguished group of college entrants from schools that implemented SHS in advance.


    In SY 2017 – 2018, we will continue to pursue the school’s mission, build on the achievements and advocacies of the past twenty years, and launch new initiatives that seek to provide an engaging and challenging academic program within a safe, secure, and nurturing BelAirian learning community.


    The school’s theme for SY 2017 – 2018 is “Making a Better World Possible through Personal and Social Responsibility.”


    Responsibility is defined as “acting with concern and sensitivity; being aware of the impact that actions may have on one’s self and on others, especially the disadvantaged; and being accountable for these actions.” Responsibility has two dimensions – the personal and the social. Responsibility at the personal level means the duties or obligations that are particular to us as individuals. For students, responsibility means performing simple tasks like bringing the needed books and school supplies or coming to school on time. At home, responsibility means accomplishing their homework or doing household chores. Keeping things in order and tidying up after an activity are simple tasks that students can do at the personal level even at a young age.


    For school employees, responsibility means fulfilling their duties as administrators, teachers, librarians, counselors, nurses, accountants, office personnel, and security or maintenance staff. Responsibility means reporting for duty on time and coming to school ready for the day’s lessons or workload. Responsibility means school employees make sure that they provide a caring and nurturing environment for the children entrusted to their care.


    The school, as an educational institution, is also a social institution. It affects and is affected by the society in which it resides. It mirrors the social, political, economic, and cultural structure in which it resides. It exists not only to serve the personal needs of its clientele. It exists to contribute to the strengthening of the social fabric, or contribute to social transformation if prevailing conditions so dictate. And herein lies the need for social responsibility.


    Beyond the self, there are others. Beyond one’s personal needs, there is the common good. Social responsibility means acting for the benefit of society. Social responsibility means acting together in order to solve society’s problems, promote a more equitable distribution of the world’s goods and resources, and preference for the common good, especially for the greater majority who are poor and powerless. There are problems in this world that individuals cannot solve on their own. Problems like poverty, discrimination, violence against women and children, and climate change need the concerted effort of the entire country, even the whole community of nations, in order to be solved.


    As an educational institution, LBASS commits itself to three important responsibilities. As the school’s philosophy humbly states, LBASS shall “play its role as an active agent in the formation of the youth, the transmission of human values, and the transformation of society.” Towards this end, we shall continue providing relevant 21st century science education within a safe, secure, engaging, challenging, and nurturing learning community. We shall continue to impart human values so that our students grow into aware and caring individuals. And we shall continue our advocacies so that we can contribute to transforming society and making a better world possible.


    It is our hope that the entire LBASS community will join hands in making a better world possible by being personally and socially responsible.


    Welcome to School Year 2017 – 2018!


    Romelino R. Obinario - Principal


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